Introducing the AVM School App – a revolutionary tool that encapsulates innovation and convenience in education. With three major features, it redefines the school experience for students and parents alike.

1. Daily Intellectual Quiz: Engaging learning beyond classrooms, our app hosts daily quizzes that challenge students’ intellect. Each correct answer earns them coins, convertible to cash and usable at the school store. This gamified approach fosters knowledge retention and rewards critical thinking.

2. Live GPS Location Tracking: Ensuring student safety, our app provides real-time GPS tracking of school vehicles. Parents can monitor their child’s journey, easing concerns and promoting peace of mind.

3. General Profile Information: Access your child’s academic and personal information on-the-go. Keep track of attendance, exam schedules, and more, enhancing parent-school communication.

Available on the Play Store, the AVM School App is your portal to an enriched educational journey. It bridges learning, safety, and convenience, ensuring that education extends beyond classrooms while prioritizing students’ well-being. Experience a smarter, safer, and more connected school experience today.

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