Welcome to Akshara Vidya Mandir,

Akshara enjoys a reputation as one of the leading schools in the country with a focus on Leadership and Academic execellence. Our philosophy is unique and holistic, which imparts students with real knowledge and congizance, enabling them to learn and lead. Learning here is relaxed, enjoyable and fun. Teachers will always look to promote knowledge and understanding that takes the students beyond the confines of the examination specification.

Aksharans are interesting people who enjoy a variety of cultural experiences alongside their academic pursuits. Sport, music, drama, charity, political awareness groups, debating Society and overseas travel are just a few of the wide ranging extra-curricular opportunities available at Akshara. We hope in becoming potential leaders of the future, our students need to grow into caring and independent young adults with strong intelligence, morality and so- cial responsibility.

This should be one of the most exciting times of your life; We look forward to meeting you.

A. Silambuselvan