At AVM, innovation is ingrained in our educational fabric. Our unique practices redefine learning, empowering students for the modern world:

Lemonade Stall: Students run a lemonade stall, teaching entrepreneurship, marketing, and financial skills while fostering teamwork and creativity.

Case Studies: Real-world scenarios challenge critical thinking, enabling students to apply theoretical knowledge practically.

3D Printing: Students design and print prototypes, merging creativity and technology for hands-on learning.

Drone Piloting: Aerial exploration enhances spatial understanding, navigation skills, and technical know-how.

Financial Literacy: Practical sessions in budgeting, saving, and investing prepare students for financial independence.

Stock Market Basics: Students delve into the world of finance, gaining insights into investments and market dynamics.

Open Book Exams: Encouraging analytical skills over rote memorization, preparing students for real-life problem-solving.

Picture Descriptions: Enhancing communication skills, students describe images, fostering observation and articulation.

Student Elections: Building leadership and civic awareness through a democratic process, nurturing responsible citizens.

VR/AR Integration: Immersive experiences bring history, science, and art alive, engaging students in multi-dimensional learning.

Programming/Coding: Essential skills for the digital age, coding nurtures logical thinking and creativity.

Fashion/Costume Design: Blending aesthetics and functionality, students create while learning about design principles.

Basics of Law: Instilling legal awareness, students understand rights, responsibilities, and justice systems.

At AVM, innovation is our hallmark. Through these practices, we cultivate adaptable, empowered, and future-ready individuals, equipped to excel in a dynamic world.